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Why are some people at work so NEEDY

Here is something I have realised working with teams over many years. Surprisingly and, unbeknown to them, a lot of people have an unrealistic expectation that work will meet a lot of their needs. The fact is that it does not. This often results in hidden tensions in the workplace with other staff members because when a need is not met, they often subconsciously organise their behaviours in such a way as to manipulate situations and people to have that need met.

Let me give you an example. A number of years ago I was running a workshop for principals and leading teachers in schools. One of the exercises was a 'Needs Evaluation'. Through the exercise participants were able to discover what some of their key needs were and in many cases they realised that these were not being met. Once they identified their unmet needs I asked them a simple question. "Do you think it is realistic that this need be met at this workplace?" Of course the answer was a resounding "NO". This led to another conversation about how important it was to not only understand and own our needs, but also to set realistic goals to have them met.

What about you? Do you have unrealistic expectations that your needs should be met through work? Do you know for sure? Would you like to find out?

If you would like a FREE evaluation, email us at to request the needs evaluation. You may surprise yourself.

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